The Roots of it All

I think I knew my life was preplanned from the beginning. I never understood it at first, but Isure do now … I’ve seen both sides of good and bad parenting for I had a broken family. I knew right from wrong and this helped point me towards my direction. I always knew I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to give back everything that I was given and then some. I wanted to move the masses by incurring good, but I never quite knew how.

Sports kept me grounded. I played football to the highest level I could until crushing my foot. After my injury, I dropped out of football and university and continued working for the family business. I eventually went back to school and completed my journeyman crane operating certificate. I was all over the place, jumping from one job to the next in the company to learn all I could. Now I know why my grandfather and father never wanted to give me much attention in teaching me the business – I seemed lost, always changing my mind. In reality it was the lack of direction given to me when I was looking for answers.

Finally, after many years I started working on myself. I eventually started Walter Wraith Apparel as a hobby. This lead me to wanting to better myself, and to trying to find a mentor to look up to. I always felt like I was reaching out for direction but not capitalizing on the people in my life because I was still scared of what family would say or think. This lead me to people like Yo Elliot and Tony Robins. I eventually bought a coaching course to learn how to deal with, coach and understand people. It taught me to recognize how people work and how to deal with them. In my life, I had managers, my father and grandfather, who didn’t know how to handle people; people who needed direction just like I did.

Now is where it gets interesting. Recently, I have had the time to identify what was holding me back all these years – fear. I was afraid to fail; afraid of humiliation and ridicule from my family, father and grandfather. I was so fearful of being wrong it held me back. But after I broke this down I realized I knew the end goal, I just had no idea how to get there. I had no direction and fear was standing in the way of figuring out my path. I wasted many years trying to figure it out but now I think it have it. I broke free of this fear after a series of life events which gave me clarity. I started standing up for what I thought was right and I soon realized everyone around me only acted the way they did because they too didn’t have direction or understanding of what was going on.

After some much-needed affirmation, I have way more clarity that I could ever imagine. I no longer have fear of growing into the unknown. I feel this is what everyone is trying to teach, but in different ways based on experience. If there is something in the way of your path, identify it so that you can move forward. Fear was my road block. Fear is the root of all evil, it has no place in my heart or on my path!

My end goal has always been focused on helping motivate and move the masses. I now believe that if you take fear out of the equation and you can visualize whatever path you need to, to get to your end goal. What motivates me is obviously different that what motivates you; my life path is not the same as yours or anyone else’s for that matter. Walter Wraith Apparel was built on this foundation, but its taken me years to figure out how I can do it and grow what I love to do. Determination, motivation, a vision and a having little faith will take you far. I believe in Walter Wraith Apparel, and I believe in promoting a lifestyle where you can do anything you put your mind to. Besides, you can only sell something that you believe in 100%… so start believing!